About Us

Founded in 2012 after years of research, My Gypsy Child was born out of the belief that there should be more genuinely natural and organic baby products that were also affordable on the market.  We are based in Cairns Tropical North Queensland amidst the world heritage listed tropical rainforests and Great Barrier Reef.

My Gypsy Child believes that all bubs and their mums should be able to use good quality skincare that is suitable for sensitive skin because every mum wants the best for their child. There was a noticeable lack of natural and organic alternatives to skincare that were affordable and gave clear results. My Gypsy Child was born out of this absence in the market and aims to provide safe, natural and organic products. Here at My Gypsy Child, we hold the firm belief that only raw, live ingredients will work on your baby, not clever marketing campaigns. There are so many products out there that claim to be “natural” and “organic”, but on further inspection of the labelled ingredients, it becomes clear that these products may only contain as little as 1% natural or organic ingredients, the rest are harsh toxins, synthetics and dangerous. There are still many 'fake' natural products on the market which contain nasty parabens, mineral oils, sudsing and foaming agents, SLS, known carcinogens and synthetic chemicals contaminating the products. Parents are becoming much more aware of what products they are using on their very precious babies, and awareness is becoming more widespread. It is our sincere hope that one day soon, organic baby skincare products are affordable and mainstream, and 'fake' natural baby products containing harmful toxic chemicals will be eradicated.


Supplying organic skincare that is good for mums, bubs and sensitive bums is our top priority.

At My Gypsy Child our mission is to educate Mums and protect babies by offering a 100% natural baby skincare range at an affordable price. We are consistently researching and developing new organic baby products. Our products are holistic and natural. They are stability tested, PH balanced and are now all manufactured at an organic cosmetic manufacturer in Sydney.  Our range features a variety of simple plant-derived products containing up to 99.8% certified organic ingredients. We take pride in only sourcing raw, environmentally sustainable ingredients of very high quality from around the world. “Green” chemistry is becoming much more advanced, allowing us to source the highest quality natural and organic ingredients for our baby products available. The key to My Gypsy Child’s effectiveness and success is its active ingredients and the way they are combined. We believe in the healing power of nature and use the safety and assurances of modern evidence-based scientific research when we develop our formulations.

Australian Made & Owned 100% Recyclable Packaging Not Tested on Animals Certified Organic Ingredients No Palm Oil No Nasty Chemicals