Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Dark Cherry

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Each My Gypsy Child teething necklace is hand-crafted by Baltic Amber specialists with generations of experience working with this unique and rare material. Baltic amber teething necklaces feature carefully polished and softly rounded Baltic amber beads, which lay comfortably against the skin. This allows maximum skin contact and gives added comfort. Our teething necklaces are made using plastic clasps with a screw thread. Plastic screw clasps are designed to release if any pressure is applied to the joint. Ideally, an amber necklace should be worn fitted with only two fingers able to fit between the necklace and the wearer, so the beads cannot be pulled or chewed.

How do they work?

Scientific research has determined that amber worn against the body releases natural oils onto the skin that are then circulated into the bloodstream. These oils induce a calming effect and have analgesic (pain relieving), antispasmodic (eases the muscles helping relieve colic and gas), and febrifuge (fever reducing) properties. The active ingredient in amber oils is succinic acid. In order to truly benefit from natural Baltic amber, you need to make certain that the amber touches some part of your body consistently. 

Amber jewellery works by being worn against the skin, you don’t need to put the beads in or around the mouth. Amber jewellery should be taken off at sleep and bath times and when children are without adult supervision. Before placing the necklace on your child, please rinse it with luke warm water and air dry. Do not use any harsh chemicals on the product. If you notice an allergic reaction, discoloration of the skin, hives or itching, discontinue use immediately. These necklaces contain small parts and adult supervision is required at all times when children are wearing the products. The amber is hand made in Lithuania, the age of the amber is approximately 40 million years old.


Information provided by My Gypsy Child is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. We assume no responsibility for treatment or cure of any illness or disease and recommend seeking medical advice for any health conditions.

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