100% Bamboo Baby Wrap/Blanket

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Our gorgeous 100% bamboo baby wraps are so luxuriously soft they have often been likened to cashmere. We believe one of the best things about using bamboo on babies is that its "thermo-regulating", meaning it will breathe and not overheat your baby or make them sweat. This is very important for sleeping and should help to ensure a nice comfortable sleep for your baby. These wraps are a versatile size 100cm x 100cm and can also be used as a light blanket. They are also raw and unbleached so contain no chemcial dye residue, good for babies, good for our planet!


  • Organically grown – 100% better than cotton
  • Antibacterial – 4 times better than cotton
  • Biodegradable – 70% better than cotton
  • Antistatic – 12 times better than cotton
  • Breathable – 30% better than cotton
  • Absorbent – 60% better than cotton
  • Luxuriously soft – 50% better than cotton
  • Hypoallergenic – 3 times better than cotton

Why Bamboo?

There are many benefits of using Bamboo for your baby. We love it for so many reasons. Bamboo is grown wild and organically and does not need chemicals such a pesticides or fungicides and uses little water. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial so will not hold bacteria within the fabric like many other fabrics can, so it is safe to use on babies. This is another reason why many cloth nappies are made of Bamboo. It is anti-static so will not deliver your baby a nasty shock! It is biodegradable so we can help look after our planet! Bamboo is breathable (thermo-regulating) which is very important for sleeping babies, and it is super absorbent. The superior abosrbency of Bamboo is another reason why many cloth nappies are made out of this amazing material. Bamboo is hypo-allergenic, perfect for babies with sensitive skin. But it is the luxurious softness of Bamboo which makes it quite remarkable, once you have used Bamboo you simply cannot revert back to using an inferior fabric on your baby ever again!

100% Bamboo

Some Bamboo products will often not be 100% Bamboo and will contain small amounts of cotton, and may even contain small amounts of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and elastane. We do not like to compromise on the quality of our baby products so can guarantee that all of our Bamboo range is 100% Bamboo with no synthetics. Our Bamboo Baby Wraps are a GRADE A eco-friendly textile and wash very well in your machine with your other washing.



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