Happy Nappy Bum Balm

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This organic baby product is specially formulated to help prevent and soothe red nappy rashes and yeast infections. Enriched with the antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils, plus the soothing benefits of calendula and natural vitamin E, this bum balm will help eradicate germs, bacterial and fungal infections such as thrush, while at the same time soothing your baby’s delicate skin. Gentle and safe to use for new babies, 100% natural and organic this balm is nutrient rich, and the beeswax will help form a protective barrier on baby’s skin to help prevent further rashes and infections. It goes on clear, unlike all the other awful white gunk on the market. Safe to use with modern cloth nappies, and this large jar will last the distance! One of our most popular organic baby products!

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  • No synthetic chemicals
  • 99.8% Australian Certified Organic
  • Large jar easy to use
  • Concentrated formula, only need to use a small amount
  • Mild natural protection
  • Healing properties in essential oils
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Essentials oils safe for use on babies

What’s in it?

Organic Beeswax

We only use natural unbleached organic beeswax. It forms a protective barrier on the skin to guard against irritants and lock in moisture while still allowing the skin to breathe. It is excellent to use for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. We use it as it has skin healing properties, is antibacterial and soothes tender skin! Beeswax is our only ingredient derived from animals – BEES! No bees are harmed by taking their wax, and we are very grateful to our bees!

Organic Castor Seed Oil

This is a rich, non-drying oil perfect for both skin and hair. It is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and works as a deep conditioner and moisturiser. Because of castor oil's healing qualities, we like to use it to soothe skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, and it can help to thicken hair too!

Organic Shea Butter

This extraordinary skin care ingredient is an amazing body healer and its rich in precious constituents, which include unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and D, provitamin A and allantoin. All these are natural and make Shea butter a superfood for your skin (and hair). Rich in cinnamon acid, it possesses protective properties against environmental influences, including UV rays and sun allergies. It can also be used for minor skin wounds and irritations, a great alternative to lanolin.

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair. It helps in healthy growth of hair providing them with a shiny complexion. Regular massages of the head with coconut oil ensure that your scalp is free of dandruff, lice, and lice eggs, even if your scalp is dry. It is an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skins including dry skin. It is an amazing skin moisturiser and is perfectly safe to use for babies and during pregnancy. Coconut oil is known as a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also speeds up the healing process of bruises by helping to repair damaged tissue, it penetrates deeply and is nutrient-rich, we love it!

Organic Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is a source naturally high in vitamin E antioxidants, a single tablespoon of safflower oil contains 4.6mg of vitamin E. It helps maintain the skin's outer protective layer, by coating your skin and also enhancing its natural moisture barrier. This helps shield the environmental damage to your skin cells by the sun or dry air.

Organic Avocado Oil

Rich in protein, lecithin, vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. It has skin healing properties, absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun and is said to be most like the body’s own natural oil. It penetrates easily and deeply and is therefore excellent for treating most skin conditions.

Natural Vitamin E

We use this in a many of our products. It helps normal red blood cells, muscles and other body tissues to grow and remain healthy. It is an anti-oxidant and reduces the cells’ and heart’s need for oxygen. It stimulates the immune system, helps block lipid peroxidation in cells and tissues, and can alleviate allergic reactions and help heal scar tissue. We also use it extensively as it acts as a natural preservative and prevents formulas from becoming rancid.

Organic Calendula Co2 Extract

This is excellent for use in formulas for babies and children. It has very powerful skin healing properties which are great for cracked skin, cracked nipples, burns, eczema, inflammations, stretch marks, nappy rash, grazes and wounds. It can also help old scars fade. It contains vitamins A, B, D and E and has outstanding wound healing benefits.

Organic Tea Tree Oil

Among many other valuable properties, Tea Tree has a particularly powerful anti-infectious action. Our knowledge of the uses and properties of this oil derive from a very long history of use by our Indigenous Australians. The two most important and inter-related facts about Tea Tree Oil are:

1. Its unusual in that it is active against all three categories of infectious organisms – bacteria, fungi and viruses

2. It’s a very powerful immunostimulant, so when the body is threatened by any of these organisms, Tea Tree increases its ability to respond. It is perhaps this action which is the most important property of Tea Tree Oil.

Similar to Lavender, it can be used neat on the skin and is safe for use on babies and during pregnancy. It is very beneficial to use for most infectious childhood complaints such as nappy rash, chickenpox, colds and flu. The are many essential oils which are active against bacteria and viruses. However, there are only a few which are also anti-fungal. Tea Tree is a powerful anti-fungal oil which helps to control the Candida organisms by reducing the rate at which they reproduce and strengthening the body’s ability to resist them. Tea Tree is perhaps Australia’s most important native essential oil.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

We love this oil so much it features in nearly all of our products. It is undoubtedly  the most versatile essential oil and consists of a complex chemical structure. It is one of the few oils which can be used neat (undiluted) on the skin or in wounds. The detailed array of therapeutic properties of lavender are too vast to list here. Lavender is a beneficial and safe essential oil to use for many of the minor upsets of babies; colic, nappy rash, teething, burns, rashes, infections, colds, irritability and sleeplessness.  It is also very safe to use during pregnancy. Lavender is one of the three essential oils which most powerfully stimulate the growth of healthy new cells – Tea Tree and Neroli are the others. Lavender has numerous active constituents, but above all, it is primarily the balancing and normalising action of the oil which makes it so beneficially versatile.

Organic Chamomile Essential Oil

There are several varieties of Chamomile essential oil, and their properties overlap to a large extent. We choose to use both German and Roman Chamomile oils in our products as they are also very versatile oils and their properties often overlap with those of Lavender. Chamomile essential oil has a gorgeous and distinctive apple-like scent and is also very beneficial to use for most infant upsets. It is very soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory. It is particularly effective for internal inflammatory conditions such as colic and teething, and its analgesic action is perfect for dull aches and pains. Chamomile tea is widely known for its profoundly calming effect and is invaluable to calm nervous tension and anxiety. Chamomile is extremely valuable for treating skin conditions and allergies such as eczema, psoriasis and all rashes and dry itchy skin problems.  It is one of the gentlest of oils and is particularly suitable for babies.

How to use it

Simply apply a very small amount to baby’s nappy area after every nappy change. If the baby is showing any signs of redness or rashes, apply Bum Balm more liberally. Change baby’s nappy as often as possible to help prevent any types of nappy rash or thrush, fresh air is good for them too!

How does it smell?

In developing this product we really didn’t put much thought into its pleasant smell, but of course, as we are using such beautifully organic ingredients such as the sweet honey aroma of beeswax and the delightful aroma of coconut oil and shea butter, it just so happens that this Bum Balm smells delightfully clean and fresh. Right where you need it! Essential oils of lavender, chamomile and tea tree are always a winning combination for your nasal passage.

Read my reviews!

"Little Coco has had a terrible nappy rash over last 24hrs, used your bum balm, and it's amazing...." BEC

"Love, love love it. I use it all over Remii whenever he gets rashes or bug bites. I use it on my heels and even when I got heat rash in between the boobs I used it. It’s awesome! !" Carlie

"It seemed like my baby girl was born with a nappy rash, or at least developed one very soon after – the midwife that visited my home after I left hospital noticed it and advised me to stop using wipes; to instead use water on washers or good quality paper towel. We did so but the rash never disappeared. I tried so many different creams but still the rash did not go. Within days of using My Gypsy Child’s bum balm the rash was gone. The bum balm smells great and I was really glad to see it was clear – not the thick white cream that so many of them are. I no longer use the bum balm with every nappy change but at the first sign of any redness I apply it and a rash does not break out. We also now use wipes and my baby can even wear cloth nappies." Jessica

" I thought I'd let you know that we are loving your products! They are truly soothing my LO's eczema and rest of his skin and they smell divine! I am a huge fan!
I'd love to order some more for a friend who is due soon.
Thank you for being so dedicated to making Better products for our special little humans!" Claire

"I tried this on my daughter's eczema at Port Douglas markets and it worked so well. Cant wait til they arrive!" Susan

"Am loving the Bum Balm. Beautiful product. Would definitely highly recommend it. I use it on kids cuts as well. Brilliant at soothing mozzie bites too. In fact it has so many uses. Very happy customer. Have recommended it to lots of my friends." Annelies  

"I got the bum balm and it's amazing, I even used it for my daughter's eczema and it LITERALLY cleared" Krystal

 "Love, love, love it! I use it all over Remi when he gets rashes or bug bites. I use it on my heals, and even when I get heat rash in between my boobs I use it, it's awesome!!" Carly

"Passed the Bum Balm over to my sister and she has asked me to thank you! She saw improvements by the next day! :)" Kylie

"Battling the trots here after spending 2 days at my Mum's with no BUM BALM and using... *cough*... another brand. My bubba's bum was red raw, got home last night and put the Bum Balm on, and again 3 more times this morning. It's 11am (not even 11 hours after putting it on) and his bottom is sooooo much less red! By the end of the day he will almost be better. Just goes to show that 2 days of using another brand didn't do anything and your BUM BALM has worked straight away. Well needless to say I'm going to buy some BUM BALM for my Mum's house for those times I forget to bring it with me!" Carlie L

"This was an amazing product! It smelt and felt amazing, and my baby's skin absolutely loved it, fantastic" Sharon

"I recently purchased the bum balm after i saw a range of these products in a store in QLD several months ago. I was only newly pregnant at the time but remember being impressed by the beautiful ingredients. After the birth of my daughter in Feb and at the first sign of redness on her little bottom I knew what I wanted to use and bought the bum balm online. It cleared up the little bit of redness right away and I felt comfortable using it on her delicate skin. It's so versatile that I use it on eczema, itchy bites and chapped lips!" Rebecca P

"These products are by far the best and most effective organic baby products out there! I swear by the bum balm ( almost out :-( ) and the colic oil and would LOVE to try the teething oil for my grumpy teething bub :-). Really hoping to be able to sell these one day to spread the word on how amazing they are. P.s the products for the mummas are divine too especially the bath oil!" Lisa A

 "Amazing products with no chemicals or nasties! The bum balm is a lifesaver!" Alison F

 "I love these products are all natural and the bum balm is amazing!" Caitlyn K

 "Your products are fantastic ,favourites are grumpy gums and bum balm." Jo F


"Happy Nappy" BUM BALM
I cannot rave about this product enough. My 3 year old has been undergoing intense chemotherapy for the past 8 months which often gave her mucositis ( a condition when the chemo breaks down the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract which runs from the mouth to the anus and genitals). It is very painful, and more often than not it produces an extremely painful "nappy rash". I'm happy to say that using this Bum Balm on her every day completely prevented her from getting nappy rash during her whole chemotherapy treatment. The doctors and nurses are amazed. Even now she is going through an intense bone marrow transplant, and the nurses at the hospital are so impressed with my Bum Balm and the barrier protection it gives her, they are going to start using it as a standard item in the hospital! It has been a life saver throughout her whole treatment plan, simply incredible. Sacha Maujean



  "Sorry for the bad shot. My son's eczema flared up the other night. He managed to scatch his whole chest and it was red and bleeding." Susan


"This is his chest 36hrs after using your aloe vera skin gel and bum balm. Very pleased with your products!" Susan


 Information provided by My Gypsy Child is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. We assume no responsibility for treatment or cure of any illness or disease and recommend seeking medical advice for any health conditions.

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