Newborn Baby Gift Boxes Standard

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Our Newborn Baby Gift Boxes are simply divine and make such an extra special up-market present for any new Mummy. These "Standard" gift boxes do not contain any bamboo items so we could lower the price for the more price sensitive consumer :) They are beautifully presented in a glossy and sturdy black box and tied with a natural fibre ribbon. Why send flowers to a new Mummy when you can send a gorgeous gift full of organic useful products? These Gift Boxes are "gender neutral" meaning they make the perfect gift for Baby Showers where the sex of the baby is unknown and they are "postage friendly" so we can send them anywhere within Australia! They contain a gorgeously soft and cute teddy, and our three most popular Organic Newborn Baby Products: Sleepy Baby Bath Wash, Happy Nappy Bum Balm and Bond with Baby Massage Oil.

Why Organic?

There are many positive health reasons for choosing organic. Organic refers to the way in which a product is grown and handled. Organic products are subject to stringent requirements and are therefore guaranteed pure and natural. The word “organic” extends a promise of something that is natural, pure, and brimming with healthy nutrients. The official process of absorption of substances via the skin is called transdermic penetration. All topical substances can penetrate the skin. To what degree depends on the particular substance, the molecular size of the ingredients, and condition of the skin. Generally our skin may absorb up to 60% of every application. Once in our bodies, these chemicals can enter the blood stream, and store themselves in our fatty tissue and organs, accumulating to high levels throughout our lives, resulting in heavy metal or toxic chemical poisoning. Chemicals travel through the hair follicles and sweat glands, diffusing into the blood stream, or are taken into the lymphatic and extracellular fluids. All our products are free from nasty chemicals and toxins, organic care for organic babies!

Read my reviews!

We just wanted to let you know our friends LOVED!!!!!!! Your Newborn Gift Box, they really did, and they especially loved the bamboo blanket in it. Its a nice user friendly box that was easy to transport thank you!!!!! Nicole

I was given one of these packs when my little girl was born. Love love love all your products! And they smell so nice too! Emma

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Australian Made & Owned 100% Recyclable Packaging Not Tested on Animals Certified Organic Ingredients No Palm Oil No Nasty Chemicals